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Transcript Audio Listening Ujian Nasional SMK 2009 Part III - Short Conversation

Before reading this post, you should have the audio MP3 listening test and also the written test book (Soal)  UN SMK 2009 before. As we know students of Vocational High School will get listening test for their national exam.  The Listening test will be divided into 4 parts. Each part is given in different instruction. So be careful to to do your test.

Here are the four part of listening test:
part 1 is photograph test which you can see the audio transcript here
Part 2 is question and response test which we were learning the transcript here
Part 3 is short conversation test which we are discussing the transcript here now
Part 4 is short talk test which also hopefully we can study the transcript later here

Now let begin to see the transcript of the audio cassette of listening section from Ujian Nasional SMK 2009 part 3 - short conversation Test

Part III Question 8 to 11
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several short conversations. The conversations will not be printed in your test book. You will hear the conversation two times, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.

In your test book, you will read a question about each conversation. The question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question and mark it on your answer sheet.

You will hear:
Man : Are you a student here?
Woman : Yes, Sir.
Man : Where is the English class?
Woman : Next to the Laboratory.
You will read:
Where does the dialogue happen?
A. At the hospital.
B. At the station.
C. At the market.
D. At school.

Choice (D) - “At school” - is the best answer to the question “Where does the dialogue happen?” Therefore, you should mark (D) on your answer sheet.

Number 8
8. Man : Hello, I’m Harry Shepherd. I really enjoy your lecture.
Woman: Hi, Harry. I glad you enjoy it. Thank you.
Man : I wish I could read your book.

Number 9
9. Woman: Are you going to the Gym now?
Man : No, I have got a soccer game tonight. We play every week and have a lot of fun. How about you? Do you play any sport?
Woman: I usually play tennis once or twice a week.

Number 10
10. Man : Which one do you think would be better for me to buy, a motor cycle or a car?
Woman: I think a motor cycle would be suitable for you.

Number 11
11. Woman: May I help you, sir?
Man : Yes. Can I get a cup of coffee?
Woman: Coffee is served only in the lobby on the first floor.

Well this is the end of part 3 for short conversation test in listening section UN SMK 2009. For the other parts will be continued later.

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Transcript Audio Listening Ujian Nasional SMK 2009 Part III - Short Conversation
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