Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Belajar Listening dengan lagu YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING

I have posted listening test with music. Now try to get listening exercise through listening to music again. Get your listening test with the sweet lyric song, such as YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING, you will find out that increasing listening skill is not as difficult as we thought. Listening music is joyful meanwhile we can increase our listening competency as well.

The slowly music, such as YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING by Santa Emeralda can help us improve our listening skill. As many of us say that listening skill seems to be the most difficult skill among other three main major skills in English.

I find this sweet song completed with its lyric. This song is sung slowly so we can hear precisely word by word of the lyric.

Enjoy your music while keep learning English listening.

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Belajar Listening dengan lagu YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING
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