Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Simple Exercises to Improve English Listening Skill

Exercising listening skill is very important. For ESL (English as second language) students, Listening is one of four main skills which should be mastered. Having good listening skill will lead us ti have good point in examination. Beside that, in interpersonal and transactional communication, listening skill help us maintaining good relations with other people. Listening skill is also important in business, workplace.

So What exercise can improve our English listening skills

Whenever we are listening to somebody, we can make a habit to give oral acknowledgments such as 'I see', 'I understand' even ' how come". And then we can summarize in our own words what we understood of whatever was said by the other person. Summarizing the conversation in our own words every now and then. Such summarizing speech helps us to keeps actively involved in the conversation. Summarizing what we have heard also can help in preventing any misunderstandings because if we misunderstood something then the speaker can straightly correct us. It is possible if we are repeating in our words from what he/she has said.

Asking questions
Asking questions whenever we need clarification is another simple way to exercise our listening skill. Asking questions can help keep the conversation alive, prevent misunderstandings, and also help in developing our listening skills.

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Simple Exercises to Improve English Listening Skill
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