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Competency Standard for Listening Test "SKL Bahasa Inggris SMK"

Sesekali kita perlu mengetahui standar apa ayng diujiakn dalam listening bahasa inggris. English Competency Standard (SKL) is great reference to make preparation for your listening test. The following is SKL bahasa Inggris SMK 20011, however SKL seems to be very similar form year to year. So I think SKL Bahasa Inggris SMK for UN 2012 (National Examination) will not be so different. In listening Test section, the test will be divided into several parts. They are matching the picture, question and response, short conversation, and short talk.

Listening Section Test for UN SMK
Picture-Listening Test
1. Describing events
2. Describing location of things/people
3. Describing things/people’s physical appearance
4. Describing the situation of a place

Question and Response-Listening Test
5. Asking for and giving suggestion/request
6. Describing/comparing things
7. Telling/ describing past events
8. Asking for and giving direction or location of a thing/person

Short Conversation-Listening Test
9. Expressing possibilities/ plans
10. Talking about daily activities/past events/future activities
11. Making and taking reservations/giving information about an item
12. Comparing things/ Expressing preferences

Short Talk-Listening Test
13. Describing processes
14. Telling about work experiences/ activities at school or in a business center
15. Announcement / advertisement

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Competency Standard for Listening Test "SKL Bahasa Inggris SMK"
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Listening exercises for English test
October 11, 2011 at 9:30 AM delete

Tips in listening test for exercises.
Here I will give you tips on how to anticipate the Toefl listening test. Listening Comprehension Test consists of 50 questions, divided into three sections namely section A = 30 questions, section B = 8 questions and section C = 12 matter. Listening section A in the form of dialogue or conversation between two people (the first person to ask and answer the second person. Narrator will create questions based on conversations between the first and second. And all the questions Narrator is only intended to answer the second. That means you should focus more on people's answers second.

First question: do you have to listen to all conversations from the first and the second person? The answer may be - may be, but more importantly who you should be able to catch the second person's answer.

The second question: Do you have to listen to all who answered the second sentence? The answer may be - okay. But more importantly you should be able to catch one of your keywords in the answer to the second person.

The third question: what is the key word? The keyword is meant here is a verb (verbs) and adjectives (adjective). Why are adjectives and verbs used as keywords? Because what you are looking for is a OTHERWISE / synonyms (words that have the same meaning) with keywords in people's answers to -2


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